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PanZareta into 2024 Update

NOTE - K-1s will be sent out by the IRS deadline of March 15.

The last quarter of 2023 presented continued opportunities in our funding efforts.

We attended MipTV in Cannes, France and was able to share the project with several different groups and individuals including Jeff Most with Level Field Media. Mr. Most is the creator and Producer of the movie, The Crow starring Brandon Lee (Bruce Lee's son), and went on to produce several Crow sequels and a total of 26 feature films including The Specialist (Sylvester Stallone & Sharon Stone) and Officer Down (James Woods). He has founded a film fund for financing independent films. We received a good response to PanZareta and have now gained insights on what we would need to have in place to be considered for financing from their fund.

FusionFlix has also entered into a relationship with Most and Level Field for a documentary they want me to direct with Most and Fusion producing. We have now met several times and that project is moving forward. Building this personal and professional working relationship strengthens our position for funding for PanZareta which we are very excited about. Here is information on Jeff Most.

We also connected with Alcon Entertainment. They produced The Blind Side with Sandra Bulluck, Book of Eli with Denzel Washington and Blade Runner 2049 as well as many other film and television projects such as The Expanse. We had to reschedule our meeting 3 or 4 times but finally met last week. The meeting went well and we are now going to the next step with PanZareta. You can learn more about Alcon here. . Read the About section. 

We also met with numerous high net worth individuals and are following up on everything and everyone.

We still have not heard responses from Reba McIntyre as she has been busy hosting The Voice and performing at this year's Super Bowl. But we are assured by our contacts that she will respond. Same for Kix Brooks etc.

I also have an up coming meeting with Ralph Winter, producer of X-Men, Fantastic Four, I Robot, and Planet of the Apes and many other projects.

So we continue to pursue funding for PanZareta as hard as we can. As always, thanks for your continued patience.


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