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August 2023 PanZareta Brief Update

We continue working many different leads on funding for the film and we are discussing full or partial funding from several sources now.

We have also been able to share the script through close friends and confidants of Reba McIntyre, Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn (Brooks & Dunn), as well as Lyle Lovett. We have approached them for funding and for possibly acting in the film. It has been a slow process as they are guarded and busy but they all have the script now as well as the executive summary.

We will be traveling to Cannes, France to attend the International Television Market MIP in October and discussing the project with investors and distributors.

The PanZareta project is not subject to the ongoing Writers and Actors strike. Therefore, we can receive a waiver by the unions and any Hollywood talent can work on the film. The strike is just against the large Hollywood studios.

We will continue to work toward funding and getting the project made.


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