PanZareta Funding Update

I wanted to give everyone a quick update.

We had a significant meeting this morning with PCG which took the project to the next level. We met via Skype with the Chief Financial Officer out of their UK office to discuss ‎timing factors and funds release schedules.

We are preparing some revised financial statements integrating information they provided us and will send to them tonight.

We have a follow up meeting scheduled for Thursday morning to review what we have sent them.

Then the CFO is planning to travel to the U.S. possibly as soon as next week.

‎I can honestly say that things look as good as they ever have for getting Pan Zareta out of the starting gate again. We still do not know exactly how the deal will be structured and what exactly the timing will be of funding. We are hoping for some clarity on that this week.

‎We appreciate all positive thoughts and prayers moving forward this week. We will make every effort to close this funding as quickly as possible. As I have said, I can not force people to write checks but I am hopeful we will have good news to share soon. Deals do fall through, even at this stage, but we do not see any reason why that should happen based on the information they have provided us with.

We remain grateful for your support of the project and your patience.

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