Lexington Pitch

We (Naomi, Nathan, and I) landed from returning from Rome Saturday night (the 19th) and then headed out to Lexington, KY on Monday. A huge thank you to Mike Drisko for all his help setting up the meeting and inviting friends. We met Mike in the afternoon on Tuesday and set up the room. We had five accredited investors attend the pitch. It went well. Lots of good questions. We received one firm commitment for funding and all of the attendees requested a package of information to take home and review. We will be following up with each attendee to determine what level of funding they are interested in if any. Thanks again, Mike!

I had a good conversation with Mark R with Rhino Capital in Virginia. They have some interested investors seeking projects. We will be following up with them over the next couple of months.

We made it back to Texas on Thursday, the 24th. Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone!

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