Distrib Interest & Financing

We are a little behind on our blog posts due to travel, meetings, and some significant family events in May. We will be catching up on weekly updates this week.

We established a new relationship with a distribution company this week. Our network for distribution continues to grow worldwide. We met with the CEO of Good Deeds Entertainment and they expressed interest in PanZareta and have requested the script for review. They distributed the indie animated feature, Finding Vincent, about Vincent Van Gogh. It was nominated for an Academy Award this year. While we remain committed to waiting to do a distribution deal until AFTER PanZareta is produced, we will continue to cultivate relationships through the process.

On the financing front, we continue to invite people to our Kentucky pitch and we heard from Mr. R of PCG this week. You can read more about this contact in previous posts but as a reminder, their firm is set to manage funds returning to the US through the repatriation tax break passed in December. Mr. R says, "All is Great... We are in our final stage which we believe to be within days." We continue to work to position PanZareta strongly for participation in the entertainment fund they are setting up.

Our crew flew to Rome to start production on our WW2 documentary Saturday.

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