Production Fund Unit 1 & 20th Century Fox exec

We received the funds for the first Class B Unit. Many thanks to Winnie and Garland Brock for becoming our first Class B investors! Who wants to be next?

I had a wonderful conversation with Gary Hall of 20th Century fox Television (just retired from Senior Vice President) about the script. He read it and said he loved the story!! We went through the entire script and he only had about 10 notes total! He made a particular observation which I felt was actually a brilliant point about the character arc of James Newman and had some good strategic suggestions. Gary oversaw up to 80 TV series per year for 20th Century Fox TV (everything from The Simpsons to 24 to The Voice, etc) and is also a producer and writer. It is great affirmation to have his support of the screenplay.

Brazil update - the project was introduced to the contact in ultra high net worth individual in Brazil. Positive response. We will be having all the presentation documents translated into Portuguese for their review.

We have been introduced to the former CEO of Unilever Eastern Europe. Unilever is the world's largest consumer goods company. They own and sell many brands you have heard of like Dove soap and 300 other products. We have discussed PanZareta and will be following up.

Good talk with Bobby A, our venture capital company owner who is originally from Sweetwater. And Bill made contact with Fort Worth billionaire Ed Bass' group.

We are starting to get confirmations for our Lexington pitch meeting. Many thanks to Mike Drisko for hosting that event.

I have been asked to direct and produce a documentary project on a famous WW II battle and one of the soldiers who survived and, at 93, is living in New Jersey. I will be traveling to Italy this coming Saturday and shooting in and around Rome for several days. Nathan and Naomi will be going with me to help crew along with our cinematographer and location sound mixer and others. Gina will be available if anyone needs anything.

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