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We received our independent financial analysis and we are pleased to report that it looks really good. The median domestic box office numbers ended up being very close to our projections but about 10% higher so that is good. They project a $33.7 Million box office with a high end $67.4 Million box office. Their projected Return on Investment is 54% to 223%. I'm very pleased with the results of the report but not too surprised. We have a potential hit movie which has a lot of upside.

We have a new info sheet for introducing people to the project. We will be sending this out to everyone via email so you have a digital copy. We have also put together folders which include the Private Placement Documents for the Production Fund, the info sheet, my full bio, and the independent financial analysis (9 pages). We are getting these folders in the hands of interested people and investors.

If you would like a copy of the financial analysis then email Gina and we will mail one out to you.

We have decided to work toward a presentation in Boston for some potential investors in that area.

I met with Sam K, a former VP for YUM Brands (owns KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, etc). He is now part of a venture cap firm in Dallas. He attended part of the Table Read in February and had lots of questions for me about the project. One significant outcome of the meeting was he is now introducing me to the head of a large conglomerate of Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) Family Offices. It was interesting because I had actually been in contact with this group but was undecided about whether I should pursue them further, specifically because I did not know anyone there. Turns out Sam's firm is a charter member of the group and Sam is friends with the head guy! A blessing! This group has facilitated over $54 Billion in investments among its members over the last few years. Sam also had some great insights about our fund raising campaign - his firm is currently raising $50 Million for a technology based project.

I met with our friend who is planning to travel to Brazil this week to meet with one of the wealthiest families in that country.

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