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We have retained a highly reputable movie analysis company to perform an independent financial analysis of PanZareta to further determine its Domestic and International financial potential. We have been working diligently with the company as they analyze the story and compile a list of what they consider relevant similar movies. They have one of the most in depth databases of sales statistics (theatrical, dvd, bluray, Television, Video on Demand (Vod), and Streaming VOD (SVOD)) and use their in depth analysis tools to analyze a movie project based on specific criteria (rather than large general overviews like we presented in our Class A bplan). Our ROI (Return on Investment) has to this point been based on those larger market trends and generalizations, coupled with my own experience and a conservative approach to the stats. This report, which should be done this week, will give us a little clearer picture of the market potential and even the timetable for revenue spread over multiple years.

We are now tracking nearly 50 leads for the Production Fund with new leads coming in weekly. Much of our time is being spent working on following up with these leads. Lots of calls and meetings and preparing various materials for people as they need them. Keep sending in leads and sharing the project with people!

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