Production Fund Unit 1

We have our first commitment for the first Class B Unit! Paperwork is in process. It was great to get a commitment the first week of the Production Fund Campaign. We are off to the races.

We did some additional scouting in Sweetwater and some meetings there.

Met last week with our securities attorney (Fred Summers) and made sure all our Reg D filings were up to date and fully compliant as we launch the Class B Offering.

In anticipation of insurance requirements for the production, I had a check up last week and full blood work. Happy to report that everything came back great. They did four blood panels which included 43 different evaluations/tests and the bottom of each report read, "Perfect lab results."

We had some new investor leads come in last week and some interest in our training for how to present the opportunity to people. We are working out those details with our schedule.

Please let us know if you would like us to invite anyone to the May 22nd Lexington, KY pitch.

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