Tax Documents

Note: There was no blog update last week.

We have filed the 2017 tax return for Panzareta Partners, LLC and sent out everyone's K-1 which you may need for your personal tax return. If you do not wish to wait for the paper copy to reach you via regular mail we can email the K-1 to you if you send us a request to do so. Keep in mind that the K-1 will have your social security number on it so email security is important.

Thank you for all the partners who came out for our St. Patrick's Day party last Saturday. We had a blast. Hope you did too.

Most of the focus this week has been on closing out all the books on last year. We are also working on dates for our Lexington pitch again. Also, our finance lead mentioned in the last post (March 3rd) sent another short message this week just indicating everything was moving forward. And we met briefly with two Class B potential investors and got two new leads for Class B. Will be following up with all soon.

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