Script, Class B News

All revisions to the script have been completed. Of course, we will not call the script "final" until we are shooting since other revisions may still be needed depending on talent, locations, etc.

We are considering screenplay competitions to enter the script into to continue to raise the profile of the project.

We mentioned in a post in January that some movement was happening regarding funding from the repatriation tax plan. Here are a couple of messages we received from a venture cap fund that will be managing significant resources as the money returns to the US. As you can see below, these are very positive indicators and part of the reason I believe the Class B has the potential to be completed quickly.

Please keep confidential.

This message was from several weeks ago.

"Pray all had a great Holiday?

Pray for our travels to be filled with Gods Grace, Mercy and Favor.

Leaving in a couple of days to go collect and send back funds.

Let Todd know we are soon to be All Good and Ready for GO!

God Bless

J______ R_____"


Fort Worth, Texas

London, England

Hong Kong, China

Then we received this message last week.

"All things good. All moving ahead."



Encouraging. However, we will continue to move forward on all fronts.

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