Tremendous Response to the Script

RESPONSES from attendees BELOW.

We had a fantastic time last night reading through the screenplay of this beautiful story! Thank you for all the actors who came out and brought it all to life. It was an exciting evening with tremendous energy. It was so great to have the families that the story is based on in attendance along with other partners and friends. We have received nothing but high praise and positive feedback ever since! Lots of social media discussion.

Everything that has happened over the last week just confirms how very special this project is. Moving on to the next step in the process of bringing the amazing story of Pan Zareta and the family that loved her to the BIG SCREEN!

Check out the comments below from people who attended, both actors and others.

Also, we are following up on at least four Class B investor leads even though we never discussed finances during the event.

‎Thanks to everyone who came out and special thanks to our team, Gina, Tiffany, Bill, Andrea, David, Ben, Natali, Naomi, Nathan and MPS Studios (Mark Beasley).

I do know the online experience was not perfect for those who called in or joined the video web meeting. Apologize for that. We will do better next time. That was a new thing for us. My understanding is most could hear okay but some had trouble.

Please take a look at the comments below.



The table read was the best experience I have had in a long time. The evening was fantastic. The script is incredible. The story is incredible. Academy award material! I loved it!

Gosh Ya’ll!! I can’t quit thinking about it and talking about it!!! It was SO good!!!

It was certainly an awesome evening!!! The actors reading their parts were truly great!!!

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the table read. ... The story you have told is beautifully written and it was a pleasure to be there for this reading.

Such an amazing experience and I’m so honored to be a part of it! Such a great story! I was honored to be a part of the most amazing table read last night. This movie is based on a true story and about this beautiful family.... AND the family themselves were actually there! I was so honored to meet the person I was portraying! Saw so many old friends and met so many new ones! Thank you again, Nathan Todd Sims, for bringing this experience, this story, and everyone together.

I just want to say, as an actor, it was such an honor to be apart of Thursday night with you and the rest of the crew. I cried after the reading because I knew that the story was real and the weight of it, with the family being there, gripped my heart.

I truly hope the best for this project and that the investors and even investors who weren’t even there will jump on board for the sake of the story being told for generations on. It’s incredible. It’s worth so much.

Hey Todd and Gina,

WOW just wanted to say thanks for allowing me to be part of the Panzareta read.

What a fantastic script and story all i can say is WOW that was amazing ! ( true story also ) I got there early so i could practice my lines and started reading the script and didn't

want to put it down, finally ended up reading the whole thing Ha ! Don't you dare cut one thing from that script ! The visuals along with the dialogue are just plain wonderful ! ...It really is a breath of fresh air ..

Thank you Nathan Todd Sims for the AWESOME opportunity to read for you. I truly believe in this film. LOVED IT. LET'S KICK IT. Peace and joy.

LOVE and TALENT within this room at a table read for an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL and TRUE story. It was a JOY to be a part of it all and read for a character. Thank you to the family's and others for being there and THANKS to Nathan Todd Sims (writer) for having me there. peace and joy.

It was such an honor to read such an inspiring story with such a talented group of actors. Hugs to you all!!!xoxox. Prayers for God’s blessings and favor... it is a beautiful story. Thank you for allowing me to read as Josephine. I wish I had had more time with her; I like her.

It was an honor to participate in this project!

I enjoyed being surrounded by wonderful actors! Story and screenplay amazing!

Had a blast at the table read! Thanks for letting me be a part of it. Great story and script!

Great story! Was honored to be a part of the table read.

Great story. I can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

I did a recent script read for an upcoming movie which may very well be the greatest race horse story ever told! Pan Zareta was the horse. Great script, talented director, it's gonna be a great family film!

It was well worth the 13 hour drive! Amazing story and great script!

Here's a song I started today about your horse!

She was born in the bosom of Texas, where the sage brush always blooms

Where rattlers and cactus are dangerous and the coyotes howl at the moon

Dust Devils dance with angels and ghosts of Comanche still sing

Little did they know this pretty chestnut foal

Could fly like an angel with wings

R.J. Vandygriff

From a friend who is an actor and producer who could not attend but read the script.

Wow! I read most the script on the plane to Cabo. I still have like 15 pages left and honestly…Cannot wait to get to the hotel to finish reading! Incredible job. Incredible story.

After he finished the script +++++++++

Wow. Very colorful and told so well. …..It’s so much more than another horse story. Race scenes are powerful.

The family and their adventures calls back to another time where people sacrificed more. Lived more.

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