The script continues to take shape and we continue to be more and more excited about the story. The entire story has now been outlined and the first draft of the screenplay continues in work.

Here is a picture of the scene flow. Every card represents a scene in the movie. For a 90 minute film you would have about 45 scenes at average of 2 minutes each - some longer, some shorter, some what we call parallel action that is split up across many scenes but would only be one card. So far we have about 55 scenes. They are also color coded. The yellow scenes are modern scenes set in current time. The orange scenes are the 1910s. The green scenes are 1910s Pan Zareta races or race sequences. The purple cards are just major plot points or think of them as chapters in a book. This is also how we divide the story in to Acts etc. This is also all done electronically but I enjoy the old school way of laying everything out physically. Then we can move scenes around for pacing and rhythm. We have a specific program where all the scripting is done to ensure format compliance etc. (second picture).

As the script is written many things will change and be adjusted. Great progress is being made.

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