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We've found a poem about Pan Zareta's ‎famous 1915 race against Joe Blair (thanks to Brett and Hillary for this). We are going to post the entire poem on the public part of the website soon. We will let you know when it is up. Here is some amazing info about that poem and race. The poem was apparently written shortly after the race. We've dug up some great story elements about that race for that scene in the movie. There were supposed to be a full field for the race but when all the owners and jockey's found out it was Pan Zareta and Joe Blair, none of the other horses came out of the barn for the race. Pan Zareta stumbled at the start, fought a hard battle with Joe Blair, and then left him in the dust! Facts of the race are that Pan Zareta smashed the 5/8 mile world record that day. Her time was an astonishing 57.1 seconds. That's more than twice around a football field track in 57 seconds! That record stood for 31 years! And according to the official records of the race, Pan Zareta was "easing" at the end of the race because she was two full lengths ahead of Joe Blair. What would her time have been if she had continued full on the entire race? And who was her jockey for that race? The first Kentucky Derby winner in history, Johnny Loftus!

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