Funding Update

We end our Class A Offering period today. We have now secured $205,000 of the $250,000 Development budget. While we felt confident we would reach the full $250,000 by today, I believe we just need a little more time to complete the funding. I spoke with our entertainment attorney, Michael Saleman (, and he recommends we request our current Class A members sign a consent agreement to extend the offering period. This is an expense which has not been budgeted but we feel it is worth it to have a little more time to complete funding. With so many larger investors and firms (see previous posts at end of April) interested in the project, we do not want any delays because of lack of funding. I hope all of our members will see the benefits of extending the offering period to allow us to fully fund Development so we can take advantage of the opportunities that are presenting themselves and do so as quickly as possible. We will be drafting the consent agreement this week and sending to all members for signature. Lots of great things happening. Let's keep up the momentum!

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