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Today we had one of the more interesting meetings that we have had about Panzareta. As noted in a previous post, we were introduced to Mr. R. Today he visited our office and we made our full pitch. Mr. R informed us that his organization was establishing an entertainment fund valued between $250M to $500M and was actively looking for projects. The introduction to Mr. R came through a reliable source and I am confident in this groups credibility. ‎ The timing of our completion of development and the formation of this fund seem to be coinciding nicely. It was a very energetic meeting and Panzareta is now a front runner for potential funding due in large part to our thorough financial projections and market strategies. Mr. R has been meeting with Hollywood companies including MGM and Columbia Pictures and when we showed him some of our proprietary backend projection formulas and then extended financial pro formas, he said we were the first producer to show him this kind of thing. He expressed deep reservation with working with Hollywood because he didn't feel they could be trusted. He called himself just a good ol' Texas boy who would prefer to do business with more trustworthy people. It was a great meeting. Of course, and this is always the case, until we see the funding it's all just talk. But everything has to start with talking and I can honestly say I was impressed with Mr. R and I confirmed his dealings all over the world. His firm is legit and has been around for a long time.

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