Crazy Connections

Great story. We met with Bobby and his venture capital group in Arlington, TX today and an amazing story came out of the meeting. The connection with Bobby was put together by our members in Dallas, Ron and Tish, when they attended a Christmas party and began discussing Panzareta with him. Turns out Bobby is from Sweetwater and grew up hearing about Panzareta. While we went through our pitch and were giving some of the backstory on how we became involved in the project, I, of course, was talking about Dr. Browning and Tom Henderson when Bobby suddenly looked very surprised. Turns out that Tom Henderson was Bobby's little league basketball coach! And when Bobby was in fourth grade, Tom was ejected from a game by the referees AND Bobby ended up getting ejected too!! Bobby had no idea that Tom's wife was a direct descendant of the Newman family, the owners of Panzareta.

All this from a random meeting at a Christmas party!

According to their website, Bobby's firm funds $250,000 to $5 Million per project. He was interested in the Panzareta story, the potential positive impact to his hometown of Sweetwater, and projects financial potential.

We will be following up.

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