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‎Just thought we would share a few research pictures we have dug up. Check out the Washington Herald (DC) newspaper article. There is a wide and a close picture of a short article about Panzareta competing in 1913 in Juarez and winning AND it mentions that Pancho Villa was in attendance and created quite a stir! Then we have several pictures from 1905 to 1915 of Sweetwater. These pictures and others help us get a good feel for what life was like in Sweetwater during that time: what the people were like, clothing, vehicles, development, etc. Enjoy.

Sweetwater, Texas

Sweetwater, Texas 1907

Sweetwater School House

Sweetwater, Wright Hotel, 1910's
Sweetwater, Wright Hotel, 1910's

Santa Fe Depot, Sweetwater, Texas

Street in Sweetwater
1915 Cowgirls

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