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Before the Greats there was the Greatest


PanZareta Screentest BTS


Before Secretariat, Seabiscuit, Citation, and Man O’ War, a horse unlike any other raced into history inspiring a nation and saving a small Texas town forevermore. This is the amazing untold story of PanZareta.



A triumph of the spirit of a champion that is sure to inspire generations. Today PanZareta is memorialized by the running of the Pan Zareta Stakes in New Orleans every year.  She is buried in the infield of the famous Fair Grounds Race Course in New Orleans were she died on Christmas Day in 1918.  She has been inducted into three horseracing Hall of Fames and the great-granddaughter of her original owner, still runs the original ranch in Sweetwater, Texas where Pan Zareta was born in 1910.


True Story


151 races


128 finishes "in the money" (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) with 76 1st place wins


4 generations of a family changed forever


1 small Texas town saved

The Studio

The Filmmakers

The PanZareta Motion Picture production team will be lead by veteran director/producer, Nathan Todd Sims. 

Updates to the team will be coming soon.

Nathan Todd Sims is a filmmaker with impressive levels of ambition, talent, and audacity.  I look forward with enthusiasm to his upcoming projects.

Renowned Film Critic, Michael Medved

“It is clear that Nathan Todd Sims has great talent and should become a major force in the movie world.”

Ted Beahr, founder of

Nathan Todd Sims

A former Texas ranch hand himself, Nathan Todd Sims is a veteran independent filmmaker with a heart to tell stories which embody hope and inspiration in a fun and entertaining cinematic style. He has produced over 300 projects which include the award winning theatrically released indie feature, Echoes of Innocence, ten television series including the Discovery Channel International mini-series, Space Mistakes, and numerous documentary projects (Thirst: Mission Liberia, The Harbinger Decoded, The Mystery of the Shemitah Unlocked, etc.) which have reached millions of fans worldwide. He has been awarded over 50 domestic and international film competition awards including multiple coveted Silver Telly Awards and the CINE Golden Eagle. He is the former President of the Dallas Producers Association, the legislative architect behind the highly successful Texas Moving Image Incentive Program, and Founder and Charter Board Member of the Texas Motion Picture Alliance. He is a married father of three and has served in Christian ministry in a number of roles including Youth Pastor, Elder, Missions Director, Music and Theater Ministry.

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